Good News: Mortality And Heart Failure Risks Decrease With Time For Ex-Smokers

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After 15 years of no smoking the risks of heart failure (HF) and death amongst former light and moderate smokers is getting reduced slowly, but firmly. This is what a new study based on the daily use of cigarettes amongst smokers shows. According to researchers, the more years go by, the more ex-smokers can see the health benefit of quitting the habit, Healio reported.

In the prospective Cardiovascular Health Study of Cardiovascular risks were enrolled near 4 500 community-dwelling adults, in the age 65 and older in the United States. More than half of the participants (57 %) declared never smoking, 29% quitted more than 15 years prior and 14% were current smokers.

Researchers involved in the study divided former smokers in three groups by pre-cessation smoking intensity – light, mild and heavy smokers. The results were a very good news for everyone, that stopped using tobacco in any form long ago – the risks of incident HFs, all-cause and cardiovascular mortality for ex-smokers were similar to the one for the people. that have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. Although the heart failure, cariovascular, non-cardiovascular and myocardial infarction risks were high amongst heavy smokers, the risk for all-cause mortality has considerably decreased.

Most of the smokers can’t find a reason to stop smoking, because they see themselves “infected” for live, but the study findings show that, with time, the biggest health concerns for light and moderate smokers fade away. Also, these these health concerns did not differ from the ones that non smokers have, and get lower even for heavy smokers. The trick is to stop here and now and go from there.