Ex Smoker: Mladen Borisov, Sofia, Bulgaria

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If we say that Mladen is a gamechanger, we won’t be wrong. He is among the young Bulgarian entrepreneurs and we are pretty sure that his latest project TrainCamp.me is about to change the way we study in digital environment.
Mladen is an ex smoker and he was kind enough to tell us about his experience with cigarettes and quitting.

Why did you start smoking?
Because it was cool, you know. Chicks like it and it makes you look more mature and at some point it became a habit to smoke cigarette after cigarette.

For how long did you smoke before you quit?
I was a smoker for 10 years before I quit.

How many times did you try to quit?
I tried 3 or 4 times before I really succeeded.

What made you start smoking again?
Smoking made me look cool, helped me socialize more with people that way.

How did you manage to quit eventually?
I was scared of the side effects and what really got to me eventually was the possibility of getting cancer and inevitably dying.

What did the process of quitting look like?
You can say that I did it cold turkey. One day I just stopped.

What were the things that challenged you, while quitting?
I guess I was just really scared of the change.

In what way did your life change after quitting?
I could breathe more easily, my teeth got whiter and my breath fresher. I stopped snoring and even felt more powerful and energized.

Were there any side effects caused by this process?
I can’t really remember any.

Who supported you in the process? What helped you?
No one actually. I knew it was good for my health to stop smoking. And I did it.

A lot of people don’t take that in mind, but how hard is it to quit smoking and what was the emotional cost you had to pay while doing it?
The only cost is that you can’t enjoy drinking beer as much as when you are out with friends. Also the whole going outside -talking to chicks part – is not so fun anymore.

What would you advise people who would want to quit smoking?
You just need to stop! Cigarettes will destroy your body. And the risk of being found death at 40 is bigger for you than for the non-smokers.

Looking back, what were the biggest harms the smoking did to you and your family?
Bad breath, I guess.

What makes you happy?
The little things.