58% of the Americans want smoking to be illegal in all public places

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A majority of Americans continue to believe that smoking should be made illegal in all public places (58%), as they have since 2011. 41% are opposed to a total ban in public places.

The latest results come from Gallup’s July 8-12 Consumption Habits survey, in which 19% of all Americans report having smoked cigarettes in the past week.


In a separate question, Gallup finds much less support for an outright ban on smoking. About one in four Americans (24%) say smoking should be made completely illegal. That is twice the level in 2007 and the highest ever found in Gallup surveys. Still, a large majority of Americans (76%) say smoking should not be made illegal, perhaps reflecting Americans’ instincts against making behaviors totally illegal, or reflecting their doubts that such a ban would work in practical terms.


Women are a good deal more likely than men to say that smoking should be banned in public places or made illegal entirely. Among age groups, the older an American is, the more likely he or she is to support a ban on smoking in public places. But Americans of all ages are about equally as likely to support an outright ban.

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