5 Ways to Celebrate the World No Tobacco Day

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Do you know that today is the World No Tobacco day? It was first introduced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1987 and it’s purpose is to spread awareness among the smokers emphasising on the side effects and health complications caused by the tobacco chewing and smoking. The WHO is encouraging countries to implement strict and effective policies to reduce tobacco consumption levels. The World no tobacco day is celebrated annually on May 31st worldwide.

To honour the day we decided to share our 5 ways to celebrate the World No Tobacco Day:

  • Every single year the World Health Organization comes up with a different initiative to celebrate the day. This year they call the countries to act against illеgal tobacco trade by signing the “Protocol to eliminate the illicit trade in tobacco products”. You can now also watch the short video specially made to promote the campaign. You can help spread it by sharing it with your friends online via social networks or your website.

  • Begin a one-month challenge to quit smoking starting on May 31st. Every day smoke less and less and at the end of the month you might be able to go out without cigarettes. You can ask to join you as many friends as you could convince to take the challenge and make it even kind of a competition. You can even reward yourself with a spa treat or a fancy restaurant dinner.
  • And here is another suggestion for a mini campaign – one that you can start yourself! Call a friend and offer him or her to exchange his/her daily pack of cigarettes with two tickets for theater play, opera, museum or concert. And the tickets are two so you could go… together and enjoy a great evening/day without tobacco but with great culture experience.
  • Another idea is to grab your smartphone and make a short motivational video to convince a smoker to quit. No matter if you are an ex-smoker or even a person that has never had a single cigarette in his lifetime. The support even from strangers is highly effective to quit smoking so don’t hide and show your sincere sympathy to the ones that are still smoking.
  • It is a scientific fact that cigarette smoke pollutes the air. So if you really believe everyone should care about the planet and nature show your care with small steps – do not smoke on the world no tobacco day (and the days after this), instead you can plant a tree or a flower in your garden. And in addition – share this moment with friends or family to make it even more memorable.

As you can see there are many ways to cеlebrate the world no tobacco day. We are sure you can figure out even more. So we challenge you to act and do even a small deed to make a difference. Because… we can not change the world for a day but we can make it better than the place it was yesterday.