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About Tabex Tabex is a smoking cessation aid with an active substance called Cytisine about tabex *Short Product Characteristic

Active substance

Tabex® is the first effective medicine in the world for smoking cessation, which does not contain nicotine and antidepressants. Tabex® is based on Cytisine, a plant origin substance . Cytisine has greater therapeutic spectrum than nicotine, which makes it safer to use. Compared with nicotine it has lesser effect on the peripheral nervous system and arterial blood pressure, but effectively stimulates breathing .Cytisine reduces depressive symptoms related to discontinuation of nicotine intoxication.

about tabex
about tabex

Natural extract

Cytisine is an alkaloid extracted from the plant Laburnum (Golden Rain Acacia).
Tabex® is a proven tool in therapeutic practice for fast and comfortable cessation of symptoms of nicotine dependence and desire to smoke. Tabex® has the most well-known and longest studied post-marketing safety profile and performance monitored over 40 years in dozens of countries and among millions of the patients.

How it works

Tabex® has a complex influence and terminates the mechanisms of nicotine addiction.

After oral administration Cytisine is rapidly absorbed and passes into the bloodstream reaching the center for pleasure in the brain, where it acts by blocking the effects of nicotine and its’ binding to specific receptors. Thus, even after the use of nicotine containing products, nicotine reaching this zone can not manifest the effects of its action on these specific receptors and the you will not experience the typical pleasure of its’ use.

about tabex
about tabex

1 Packet of Tabex®

100 X 1.5MG Film Tablets / Download patient leaflet

25 days treatment

The site "" is licensed to trade on the Internet with medicinal products without prescription № AP №1325 / 29.08.2016 of the Executive Agency for Drugs.

Don't belive us yet? Just do your own research:

Google: Cytisine versus Nicotine for Smoking Cessation, Tabex®, Cytisine, Goldern rain tree

Wikipedia Cytisine, Tabex®, Goldern rain tree

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about tabex
about tabex

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about tabex about tabex
about tabex

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